Our Services

  • Residential Interior Design 

  • Space Planning 

  • Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling 

  • Furniture & Merchandise Sourcing

  • Staging for Sale

Our Company

 Elizabeth Vizzone Interiors is a full-service interior design studio located in Montclair, NJ. Every project is a dialogue with our clients focused on understanding their needs from a fresh and uncomplicated perspective. Whether modern, traditional or transitional, Elizabeth Vizzone Interiors continually strives to offer projects of distinctive character. The emphasis on quality materials and dedication to craftsmanship is a guiding principle in all the work.

The Designer

Whether it’s starting at ground zero or redesigning a space, Montclair, NJ based designer Elizabeth Vizzone approaches each project with the goal of embracing the room’s unique and special details. She is dedicated to working with the space to create a warm, inviting environment for the occupants. Her detailed approach translates seamlessly into the real estate market where she successfully stages homes to generate immediate interest. In  today’s aggressive real estate market, staging helps sellers set their homes apart from the rest. As a licensed Realtor, she understands the needs of both buyers and sellers - as evidenced by her impeccable track record - and offers competitive pricing for this service.

Elizabeth’s expertise is enlisted to reinvent and refresh spaces, as well as introduce new design elements - all within a budget as well as on a timeline. Working in both residential and commercial spaces, Elizabeth’s keen eye is able to capture the perfect combination of modern and traditional styles. But, it is her clever ability to integrate textures and patterns in a visually enticing way that is truly her trademark. She believes that the rooms in a home are reflections of the inhabitants and must be functional, comfortable, and complementary to everyday life. Her passion for this type of simple elegance is what shaped the beautiful timelessness of her signature look. 

Elizabeth Vizzone has always had an eye for design. She was born in Toronto, Canada and was formally educated at Sheridan College Fashion Design program. From there, she started her design career in Toronto before relocating to NYC for jobs in Polo Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein.

Elizabeth has already been featured in the pages of home design magazine New York Spaces and Design NJ Magazine.

Look for her upcoming book currently in the works, The Home Formula.